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My Dream... Help Me Build It

Posted by Eques-Ardor - January 16th, 2008

For a long time now I've been thinking about ways to get into videogame retail. I've talked with my friend and my brother about opening up a store in one of the few busy cities near where I live, and tossed around other ideas as to what we should sell, and what the best location would be.

But now I think I've come to the decision to start out in web-based retail and distribution. I figure it would be easier for us to start in online retail, as I wouldn't have to relocate, or lease new space (I already have a 1200 sq. ft. garage for storage), and shipping is paid by the customer.

So why am I making a blog about it? Because I need help.
I need to know HOW I can get my paws on low-price BULK videogames, movies, CDs, Strategy Guides, accessories, books, etc.

If you know anything, comment here or email me at controlfreakbiz@gmail.com.

This is my greatest goal at the moment. I had wanted to start a local business, so that's obviously my ultimate goal, but right now I just want to start my online store ASAP.

Whatever help I can get would be much appreciated.

Any paypal donations, if you should feel so inclined, should go to controlfreakbiz@gmail.com. Right now I need information on how to get this started. Thanks guys! :]

[UPDATE: New email address and paypal location!]

My Dream... Help Me Build It


Good luck. I'll check later and see if there's anything I'd want.

I'm sorry that i cant help because i just cant think of anything i could do to help. But i wish you the best of luck. If you make it that would be very cool! But if not you need to say to yourself that its ok because not a lot of people are successful they're first try. I'm not saying you wont be successful, because even though not a lot of people get big they're first try, some do. So even though I can't help (At least i don't think i can...) I really wish you all the luck in the world. But i do kind of feel you will be successful because you sound like you really want this and if you do want this as bad as it sounds then even if you do fail the first time, really keep trying because eventually you will get it, and then become wealthy or maybe even rich. So once again, best of luck, hope you make it big, and DON'T give up, because you WILL get it someday.


Wow... thanks a ton. :]
Regardless of whether you gave me any business-related tips or helpers, you've definitely given me a personal boost. haha. <3