My Dream... Help Me Build It

2008-01-16 23:57:11 by Eques-Ardor

For a long time now I've been thinking about ways to get into videogame retail. I've talked with my friend and my brother about opening up a store in one of the few busy cities near where I live, and tossed around other ideas as to what we should sell, and what the best location would be.

But now I think I've come to the decision to start out in web-based retail and distribution. I figure it would be easier for us to start in online retail, as I wouldn't have to relocate, or lease new space (I already have a 1200 sq. ft. garage for storage), and shipping is paid by the customer.

So why am I making a blog about it? Because I need help.
I need to know HOW I can get my paws on low-price BULK videogames, movies, CDs, Strategy Guides, accessories, books, etc.

If you know anything, comment here or email me at

This is my greatest goal at the moment. I had wanted to start a local business, so that's obviously my ultimate goal, but right now I just want to start my online store ASAP.

Whatever help I can get would be much appreciated.

Any paypal donations, if you should feel so inclined, should go to Right now I need information on how to get this started. Thanks guys! :]

[UPDATE: New email address and paypal location!]

My Dream... Help Me Build It